Certified ReGrid Manager - Advanced Online Training 2014

The ReGrid Advanced Online Training has started. The first group of participants will take the final exam on June 17th.
For further information about the training please have a a look at the RENAC website.


1 “Temporally and spatially highly resolved scenarios of power production by grid connected wind energy, PV and CSP

2 "Generator Concepts for Renewable Generation“

3 "Short Term Prediction of Wind and Solar Power” 

4 "Balancing Power

5 “Grid Codes for Renewables”

6 “Generation Expansion Planning of Systems with high Share of Wind and PV Generation”

7 “Grid Integration and System Integration Studies”

8 “Storage




RENAC Open Online Courses

Online trainings on various topics for a general public will be offered by the RENAC Online Academy from 2015.